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About Klindat

About Klindat

Klindat is an EDC software that streamlines the collection, cleaning, and processing of data in clinical trials and patient registries

The application stands out for its simplicity, which makes it intuitive and very easy to use, being accessible via the Internet (no installations required) and compatible with multiple devices and browsers.

Klindat is highly secure and reliable including access control mechanisms, SSL encryption, and daily data backups. The system ensures high availability of service and complies with HIPAA, GCP, and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

The platform has powerful functions to facilitate data management tasks and customizable reporting tools. It is scalable to studies of any size and offers great personalization potential and full design flexibility to achieve optimized workflows.

If required, cloud storage can be provided to upload documents (Word, PDF, etc.) and large amounts of files (images in DICOM format), including image viewers.

The Klindat team is devoted to each client’s needs delivering a tailor-made EDC and close technical support.

The billing scheme is simple: an initial setup fee based on the number of data forms and a subsequent monthly subscription depending on the number of patients to be enrolled in the study.

Klindat is used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research groups, non-profit organizations, clinical research organizations (CROs), hospitals, and institutes.